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About us


  • We capture the solutions your best agents use and put them in the hands of everyone.  
  • We ensure that everyone solves problems consistently.
  • We prioritize your improvement efforts so you can eliminate the problems affecting your customers most and solve them once and for all.
  • We help your junior agents solve more tickets, freeing your senior agents up for the truly unique ones.


Torsten Knoefel

  • A seasoned leader, with an exceptional academic and industrial background.
  • Management of large departments and major programmes in medium/large organisations, bridging the divide between Business & IT.
  • Consultancy and line management experience (+20 years) in Director and Programme Management roles across manufacturing and service industries (Public/Private) in Europe, Middle East & India
  • Digital / Mobile and Financial Services sectors (Regulatory, new Product Implementation, Business Transformation, Business Integration, Data Migration, Complaints & Claims Handling and IT Infrastructure).
  • Fields of expertise: corporate strategy, programme & project management, business process re-engineering, management development training programmes, IT, IT infrastructure outsourcing, telecoms, financial services, marketing & product development, production, R&D 

Josh Burdett

  • A seasoned operational leader with a diverse background in customer and technical support, back office operations, software development and process improvement.
  • Management of large transformational change programs in small/medium/large organisations, with a pragmatic approach to methodology implementation.
  • Consultancy and line management experience (+20 years) in senior roles across manufacturing and service industries (Public/Private) in the US.
  • Financial Services, Manufacturing and Information Security sectors (Regulatory, Business Transformation, Professional Services, Customer and Technical Support, Fraud Prevention).
  • Fields of expertise: process improvement, methodology, organizational culture, program & project management, business process re-engineering