Replicate your best agents and back office workers to deliver the right solution first time every time.

Using RightNow, capture the solutions your best agents use and put them in the hands of everyone.   RightNow ensures that everyone solves problems consistently. Deliver first time right solutions to your customer every time.  Prioritize your improvement efforts so you can eliminate the problems affecting your customers most and solve them once and for all. Help your junior agents solve more tickets, freeing your senior agents up for the truly unique ones. 

RightNow displays step by step instructions directly in the systems your agents already work in like Jira, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Track your agents on the fly using RightNow Analytics. Don’t wait for quarterly or annual reviews to sort your rock stars from your wipeouts.  Find and fix the bottlenecks in solutions that are slowing everyone down and roll out fixes with a click of a button.

Save money, increase quality and drive customer satisfaction through the roof.

You know how to run your support center, but your customer satisfaction is highly variable because solutions are not of consistent quality as the answer varies depending on 

  • Individual knowledge of the assigned agent (rising salaries)
  • Quality of knowledge base articles
  • Agent ability to search and understand knowledge base

This is primarily caused by 

  • Over reliance on training (agent turnover, new products, technology advances)
  • A lack of clear implementation instructions in Knowledge Base articles 
  • Lack of solution quality information at the instruction level 

Repeat calls, escalated tickets, rising salaries and reliance on training drive your costs.

RightNow solves that problem by putting smart solutions exactly where you need them most, in the hands of your agents right when they need them.  You document a solution (list of step-by-step instructions with an embedded workflow) and RightNow integrates these in your existing ticket system.  Your agents bring the soft skills and RightNow delivers the smart solutions they need to solve the case. Your agents follow step by step instructions and answer yes or no questions for every known problem in your business.  

Your managers can stop guessing who your best agents are and who needs to improve because every step your agents are doing is automatically tracked. RightNow analytics pinpoints by instruction (horizontally) and agent (vertically) where you need to improve. Eliminate the need for training, updated solutions are immediately available to all agents upon publishing.

Perfectly, consistent solutions every time no matter which agent works the ticket.

How to Get Started:

Start using RightNow with our 3 step process:  

Step 1 – Document the 7 key steps to solve your most common customer problem 

Step 2 – Add a few configuration details to connect to your existing tracking system 

Step 3 – create a new ticket in your tracking system.  

That’s all there is to it.  With RightNow you can start solving customer issues right away.  The more solutions you document, the bigger impact you will have.  

Our Agents are productive on day one with RightNow.  It’s like having our best agent on every ticket. Customer sat is up and costs are down!